A chiropractor is trained and licensed to practice the art of adjusting the spine ("manipulation therapy") and related joints of the body in order to restore proper motion to that joint, causing not only a restoration of function, but also leading to a decrease of local and distal nerve pressure. Local nerve pressure is a result of soft tissue swelling around the joint. Distal nerve pressure is a result of tethering or traction of the entire nerve at the affected joint or a result of abnormal spinal posture."


The translation of the above paragraph is simply that vertebrae have misaligned due to some trauma or bad posture and caused swelling which affects a nerve and stops that nerve from carrying out its normal function. This may cause pain, degeneration, sickness, or disease. As a side note, many chiropractors do not like the terms "manipulation" or "therapy". These are medical terms and what we do is very distinct from medicine.


"Chiropractic is the art and science of diagnosis and treatment of the spine, spinal disorders and disorders of the nervous system! ”

Doctors of Chiropractic undergo rigorous clinical and practical training, (usually 6-8 years), including at least 4,200 hours of professional studies, 2,000 hours in biological and clinical studies, more than 1,000 hours in specific chiropractic techniques, and at least 900 hours of clinical practice before graduation. DC's must pass a four-part national board exam and be licensed prior to practicing.  (Click here for more information about a chiropractor's education)

There have been numerous formal inquiries into the effectiveness of chiropractic throughout the world. All of these inquiries found contemporary chiropractic health care safe and effective, and recommended licensure and government funding.