The Treatment

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Conditions that could be helped by Chiropractic care

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Chiropractic produces results by helping your nervous system work the way it should.

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Θεραπείες Σπονδυλικής Στήλης

About Chiropractic

Ιs the third largest health profession in the world, after medicine and dentistry


is the third largest health profession in the world, after medicine and dentistry.

It is a distinct health profession specializing in the treatment and prevention of painful syndromes and functional disturbances that are due to mechanical problems of the spine and their effects on the nervous system.

The main form of treatment Chiropractic uses to correct these problems is manipulation of the spine and the other parts of the musculoskeletal system.

Correcting spinal function through manipulation frees the nervous system, helps the body to regain its innate ability for self-healing and eliminates the cause of pain.

Chiropractic care

There is a big variety of special manipulations (adjustments) which the chiropractor can use, depending on the age, physical condition of the patient and the type of problem. All of them aim for the correction of mechanical problems and the restoration of spinal function, as well as the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system in general. Chiropractors have been adequately trained and have gained experience in performing adjustments and the rest of the manipulations safely, without any pain. In many cases they need to loosen tight muscles or use other relaxing techniques, in order to get rid of any muscle spasm, preparing the area to accept the adjustment more easily.